aahs!! Engraving Nikki Haley Life Size Cardboard Stand Up, 6 feet?


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aahs!! Engraving Senator Nikki Haley Life Size Cardboard Stand Up, 6 feet Nikki Haley Life Size Cardboard Stand Up, 6 feet Perfect For a Variety of events including; Birthday Parties, Special Events, School, Corporate Events, Awards Programs, Fairs, Festivals, Fundraisers, Christmas gatherings, the list goes on! In any type of activity, these cutouts will lead to funny memories that will last forever. MANUFACTURED IN USA: Proudly made in the USA. Made with high quality tough cardboard that doesn?t easily bend with moving around. We want to make sure that decoration remains preserved, so we made these cardboards durable and tough. The standout comes with a stand on the back to provide support on any surface. Aahs!! Engraving is known to have a collection of unique novelty gifts. Our catalog includes products such as stand ups, trophies, desk plates etc. We believe in filling your surroundings with unique items to look and laugh at. Our product is not just another item in your house or office, these are memories that lead to conversations for years to come. We believe in making unique memories that people will remember you for. So what are you waiting for? Grab your remembrance now!! Bring your event to life with this life-sized cutout!

  • Cardboard Stand-Up
  • Life-Size Tribute: Add a touch of glamour and uniqueness to various events, from birthday parties to corporate functions, with a life-size cardboard stand-up of Senator Nikki Haley measuring 6 feet tall. These stand-ups are perfect for creating unforgettable and amusing memories that will endure for a lifetime.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: Aahs!! Engraving takes pride in crafting these cardboard stand-ups in the United States using top-quality, sturdy cardboard material. Designed to withstand movement and handling, these tough cardboards ensure that your decoration remains in pristine condition. They also come with a reliable stand on the back for stable support on any surface.
  • Conversation-Starting Memories: Aahs!! Engraving offers a range of unique novelty gifts that liven up your surroundings with distinctive items that spark laughter and conversations. These stand-ups aren't just decorative pieces; they're the catalyst for memorable moments that will be talked about for years to come. Don't miss out – grab your Nikki Haley cardboard stand-up now and breathe life into your events!

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