Tall Cocktail Glasses Set of 4 - Handcrafted Cocktail Glass Set (15oz)


Consider This Your Go-To Cocktail Cups Set For Your Upcoming Dinner Party, Sunday BBQ, or Cocktail Night!

Looking for cocktail bar set of 15oz drinking glasses for your next birthday party?

Want to serve your homemade iced tea in a set of elegant tall drink glasses and impress your guests?
  • ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE SUMMER COCKTAILS IN STYLE with the LEMONSODA premium iced tea glasses. Handcrafted from crystal clear, lead-free glass, our beer glasses set will add a touch of refined style to your cocktail party or Hawaiian Luau!
  • ONE GLASSWARE SET, 100+1 DIFFERENT USES: Our sleek and stylish drinking glass set can use as a cocktail glass set, beer glass set, ice tea glass set, juice glasses set, mixed drinkware set, or punch glass set. You name it!
  • SOPHISTICATED GLASSWARE SETS FOR HOME BARS: Cocktail enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that the rim on our glasses is not as thick and impractical as in other glass cups. Enjoy your refreshing summer cocktails like never before.
  • SURPRISE EVERY ASPIRING BARTENDER OR AMATEUR MIXOLOGIST: Shipped out in a premium black gift box, our tall glasses for drinks will make the best housewarming, birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, promotion, or retirement gif
    Introducing The Ultimate Summer Cocktail Glasses Set Of 4 By YoungLA!

Life's too short for serving your freshly-squeezed juice, your delicious ice tea, or your mouth-watering smoothies in boring kitchen glasses.

Lemonsoda's newest tall drinking glasses are here to add refined class to your drinks, help serve your yummy cocktails like they do in 5-star hotel bars, and make a statement on your bar or patio table.


What Sets This Drinkware Set Apart From The Crowd? Here Are 3+1 Reasons:

✅ The Gift Set That Keeps On Giving: spoil any cocktail aficionado or amateur mixologist with a set of trendy glasses that come in a deluxe black box, ready to be gifted.

✅ Step Up Your Cocktail Presentation Game: whether you want to serve your fresh Pina Colada, your signature Hurricane, or iconic Singapore Sling in style, our tall glasses will get the job done.

✅ No Cocktails? No Problem: if you are looking for a simple, yet multipurpose set of glasses, the YoungLA hurricane glasses are ideal for juice, beer, iced tea, smoothies, mixed drinks, cold beverages, or even water.

✅ Ultra-Versatile Kitchen Essentials For New Home: no home bar is complete without a set of versatile tall crystal glasses that make a statement on your table.

Need More Reasons?

✔️ 15oz Glasses For All Your Drinks

✔️ Lead-Free Crystal Clear Glass Design

✔️ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Q: What makes cocktail glasses better than regular martini glasses?
A: Cocktail glasses are designed to keep the drink colder for longer, enhancing the drinking experience by maintaining the ideal temperature.

Q: What is the return policy?
A: We have a 100% FREE 30-day Return Policy.

Q: Are cocktail glasses more durable than regular martini glasses?

A: Typically, cocktail glasses are made with thicker glass, making them more resistant to cracks or chips compared to standard martini glasses.

Q: Can you explain the advantage of using cocktail glasses for garnishing?
A: Cocktail glasses offer more surface area at the top, allowing for creative garnishing with fruits, olives, or twists to enhance the drink's presentation and flavor.

Q: How do you wash cocktail glasses effectively?
A: To maintain their shine and clarity, hand-washing with mild soap and warm water is recommended, followed by thorough drying with a soft cloth.

Q: What's the benefit of using cocktail glasses over regular ones?

A: Cocktail glasses provide better insulation, keeping the drink colder for longer without condensation forming on the exterior, preventing hand warmth from affecting the temperature.

Q: Are cocktail glasses more fragile compared to regular cocktail glasses?
A: Despite their delicate appearance, cocktail glasses are often made from sturdy materials like borosilicate glass, offering both insulation and durability.

Q: Can cocktail glasses be used for hot drinks as well?
A: Yes, cocktail glasses are versatile and suitable for both hot and cold beverages, maintaining the temperature of the drink for an extended period.

Q: Do cocktail glasses require special care when washing?
A: Similar to regular martini glasses, hand-washing with mild detergent and warm water is recommended to preserve the integrity of the design.

Q: How do cocktail glasses enhance the drinking experience?
A: By preventing heat transfer from the hand and external environment, cocktail glasses ensure that the drink's flavor profile remains uncompromised from start to finish.

Q: Are there any aesthetic benefits to using cocktail glasses?
A: Yes, the design creates a visually striking effect, as the liquid appears to float within the glass, adding an elegant touch to any cocktail presentation.

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