Premium Twisted Glasses Set of 4

SKU: SC2024



Premium Twisted Glasses Set of 4 - Elegant Whiskey Glasses for Scotch, Single Malt - Old Fashioned Glass Set in Gift Box - Rocks Whisky Tumblers for Cocktails - Home Bar Glassware Tumbler Set

Here’s How You Can Enjoy Your Expensive Single Malt Whiskey Like It’s Supposed To Be Enjoyed! Need a fancy whiskey glass set for the upcoming birthday, graduation or anniversary party? In Introducing The Ultimate Bourbon Glasses Set Of 4 For Serious Bourbon Lovers By Lemonsoda! Avoid the cheaply-made square whiskey glasses that chip easily, the twisted whiskey glass sets that arrive in bad condition and the crystal high ball glasses in dull designs. Lemonsoda offers you a set of whiskey crystal glasses that will take your drink enjoyment to a whole new level.
  • Holds 10 fluid oz/ 300 ml
  • Crystal Glass: Made of premium lead-free crystal that is transparent and lustrous. They are built tough with a heavy base and will stand the test of time. Dishwasher safe, resistant to breakage, and scratching.
  • Elegant & Stylish Design: The elegant, modern look makes a unique addition to your barware, it has a different feel in your hand than traditional glasses. Perfect for drinking classic whiskey!
  • A Gift to Remember: Comes in a beautiful black and gold gift box with foam lining.

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