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LEMONSODA Double-Walled Stemless Martini Glasses - Set of 2/Set of 4 - 8oz

Sale price$34.95



Capacity: 8oz
Width (Rim) = 4.25 in
Height = 4.5 in
LEMONSODA Double-Walled Stemless Martini Glasses - Set of 2/Set of 4 - 8oz - Lemonsoda
LEMONSODA Double-Walled Stemless Martini Glasses - Set of 2/Set of 4 - 8oz Sale price$34.95


1. Q: What makes martini glasses better than regular cocktail glasses?
A: Martini glasses are designed to keep the drink colder for longer, enhancing the drinking experience by maintaining the ideal temperature.

2. Q: What is the return policy?
We have a 100% FREE 30-day Return Policy.

3. Q: Are martini glasses more durable than regular cocktail glasses?
A: Typically, martini glasses are made with thicker glass, making them more resistant to cracks or chips compared to standard cocktail glasses.

4. Q: Can you explain the advantage of using martini glasses for garnishing?
A: Martini glasses offer more surface area at the top, allowing for creative garnishing with fruits, olives, or twists to enhance the drink's presentation and flavor.

5. Q: How do you wash martini glasses effectively?
A: To maintain their shine and clarity, hand-washing with mild soap and warm water is recommended, followed by thorough drying with a soft cloth.

6. Q: What's the benefit of using double-walled martini glasses over regular ones?
A: Double-walled martini glasses provide better insulation, keeping the drink colder for longer without condensation forming on the exterior, preventing hand warmth from affecting the temperature.

7. Q: Are double-walled martini glasses more fragile compared to regular martini glasses?
A: Despite their delicate appearance, double-walled martini glasses are often made from sturdy materials like borosilicate glass, offering both insulation and durability.

8. Q: Can double-walled martini glasses be used for hot drinks as well?
A: Yes, double-walled martini glasses are versatile and suitable for both hot and cold beverages, maintaining the temperature of the drink for an extended period.

9. Q: Do double-walled martini glasses require special care when washing?
A: Similar to regular martini glasses, hand-washing with mild detergent and warm water is recommended to preserve the integrity of the double-walled design.

10. Q: How do double-walled martini glasses enhance the drinking experience?
A: By preventing heat transfer from the hand and external environment, double-walled martini glasses ensure that the drink's flavor profile remains uncompromised from start to finish.

11. Q: Are there any aesthetic benefits to using double-walled martini glasses?
A: Yes, the double-walled design creates a visually striking effect, as the liquid appears to float within the glass, adding an elegant touch to any cocktail presentation.