Double-Walled Stemless Martini Glasses - Set of 2/Set of 4 - 8oz

$34.95 $42.95

Double-Walled Design: Our unique double wall design allows you to hold your cocktail without worrying about the temperature of your drink.

Easy to Hold: The even distribution of weight makes these glasses easy and light to hold, perfect for sipping on your favorite martini or cocktail.

Versatile Size: With an impressive 8 oz (240 ml) capacity, these glasses are perfect for any drink.

The stemless design adds a modern touch while also making them easy to store in any kitchen or bar cart. Made with high-quality materials, our Double-Walled Stemless Martini Glasses come in sets of 2 or 4 so you can enjoy drinks with friends and family.

  • ELEGANT & MODERN DESIGN: Enjoy stemware without the stem! This unique double wall design allows you to hold your cocktail while maintaining the temperature of your drink. Easy and light to hold due to the even distribution of weight. This lightweight glass holds an impressive 8 oz 240 ml
  • KEEP COCKTAILS FRESH: Double-walled insulated glasses will retain the temperature of your drink. Sip at your own pace without the need to worry about your martini or cosmo warming up
  • QUALITY PRODUCT: Crystal clear, lead-free, high-quality large glass that is refrigerator and freezer safe. Suitable for daily use and cleans easily.
  •  SC2038 LEMONSODA Stemless Martini Glasses - Double Walled Design with Ring Base- Drink Suspended in Air - 8 oz - Set of 4
High-Quality Lead-free Glass Material
Double Wall Design with Rings Base
Cool Glasses For Cocktail Martini
Ideal For Home, Parties, & Bars
Branded Packaging For Representing The Gift


1. Q: What makes martini glasses better than regular cocktail glasses?
A: Martini glasses are designed to keep the drink colder for longer, enhancing the drinking experience by maintaining the ideal temperature.

2. Q: What is the return policy?
We have a 100% FREE 30-day Return Policy.

3. Q: Are martini glasses more durable than regular cocktail glasses?
A: Typically, martini glasses are made with thicker glass, making them more resistant to cracks or chips compared to standard cocktail glasses.

4. Q: Can you explain the advantage of using martini glasses for garnishing?
A: Martini glasses offer more surface area at the top, allowing for creative garnishing with fruits, olives, or twists to enhance the drink's presentation and flavor.

5. Q: How do you wash martini glasses effectively?
A: To maintain their shine and clarity, hand-washing with mild soap and warm water is recommended, followed by thorough drying with a soft cloth.

6. Q: What's the benefit of using double-walled martini glasses over regular ones?
A: Double-walled martini glasses provide better insulation, keeping the drink colder for longer without condensation forming on the exterior, preventing hand warmth from affecting the temperature.

7. Q: Are double-walled martini glasses more fragile compared to regular martini glasses?
A: Despite their delicate appearance, double-walled martini glasses are often made from sturdy materials like borosilicate glass, offering both insulation and durability.

8. Q: Can double-walled martini glasses be used for hot drinks as well?
A: Yes, double-walled martini glasses are versatile and suitable for both hot and cold beverages, maintaining the temperature of the drink for an extended period.

9. Q: Do double-walled martini glasses require special care when washing?
A: Similar to regular martini glasses, hand-washing with mild detergent and warm water is recommended to preserve the integrity of the double-walled design.

10. Q: How do double-walled martini glasses enhance the drinking experience?
A: By preventing heat transfer from the hand and external environment, double-walled martini glasses ensure that the drink's flavor profile remains uncompromised from start to finish.

11. Q: Are there any aesthetic benefits to using double-walled martini glasses?
A: Yes, the double-walled design creates a visually striking effect, as the liquid appears to float within the glass, adding an elegant touch to any cocktail presentation.

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