Iced Coffee Glasses - Set of 6 (450 mL) Stackable cups perfect for Orange Juice, Water, Coffee, or Smoothies Holds 15 Oz

SKU: LS2094


  •  SOLID STRUCTURE - A heavyweight glass designed to be resistant to easy breakage. These are dishwasher-safe and will retain their clarity. Made to last
  • STACKABLE - These iced coffee glasses are stackable, making them easy to store. Whether you're making a few drinks at once or just want to save space in your cabinet, these glasses are perfect for you.
  • LARGE GLASSES - These glasses hold 460 ml of liquid, making them the perfect size for iced coffee drinks. No more filling up multiple small glasses or cups!
  • PRACTICAL - Ideal for use at home, these glasses add a touch of elegance to any occasion. Serve up your favorite drinks in style with these stylish glasses.

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