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Article: The Different Types of Whiskey Glasses

Types of whiskey glasses

The Different Types of Whiskey Glasses


Discover the perfect whiskey glass for every occasion at Lemonsoda. From versatile tumblers to elegant snifters, explore our curated collection and enhance your whiskey-drinking ritual. Learn about the unique features of each glass and find the perfect match for your favorite spirits.

Versatile Tumblers

Tumblers are the all-purpose workhorses of whiskey glassware. With their classic design featuring wide, flat bottoms and straight sides, they're ideal for enjoying whiskey neat or on the rocks. Versatile and durable, our selection of tumblers is perfect for both casual sipping and cocktail mixing.

  • Wide, flat bottoms provide stability for easy handling.
  • Straight sides allow for effortless pouring and stirring.
  • Versatile design suits a variety of whiskey styles and cocktail preferences.
LEMONSODA Crystal Bubble Base Whiskey Glass Tumbler - Set of 4

Aromatic Snifters

Whiskey tasting game with our selection of snifters. Designed to concentrate the aromas of your favorite spirits, these glasses feature a wide bowl that tapers at the top to capture every nuanced scent. Perfect for discerning whiskey enthusiasts, our snifters offer a luxurious drinking experience that brings out the best in your whiskey.

  • Wide bowl enhances aroma concentration for a sensory-rich experience.
  • Tapered design directs aromas towards the nose for maximum enjoyment.
  • Short stem prevents hand warming and maintains optimal temperature.



Timeless Old Fashioned Glasses

Add a touch of vintage charm to your home bar with our selection of Old Fashioned glasses. Also known as rocks glasses or lowball glasses, these short, wide glasses are perfect for serving whiskey-based cocktails like the classic Old Fashioned. With their sturdy construction and timeless design, our Old Fashioned glasses are essential for any cocktail enthusiast. Features:

  • Short, wide design accommodates whiskey on the rocks or crafted cocktails.
  • Sturdy construction withstands frequent use and dishwasher cleaning.
  • Classic aesthetic adds a touch of nostalgia to cocktail hour.
Old Fashioned Vintage Whiskey Glass

Modern Double Hexagon Glasses 

Make a statement with our innovative Double Hexagon glasses. Featuring a unique hexagonal shape and double-walled construction, these glasses offer both style and functionality. Keep your whiskey at the perfect sipping temperature while enjoying the modern design that sets these glasses apart from the rest. Features:

  • Unique hexagonal shape adds visual interest to your whiskey-drinking experience.
  • Double-walled construction provides insulation for temperature control.
  • Sleek and modern design complements contemporary home bars.
Double Wall Hexagon Whiskey Glasses

Cordial Glasses

For a touch of elegance, explore our selection of cordial glasses. While traditionally used for liqueurs and fortified wines, these stemmed glasses are also suitable for serving small amounts of whiskey or whiskey-based cocktails. Elevate your drink presentation with these refined glasses that add a sense of sophistication to any occasion. Features:

  • Small size perfect for tasting small amounts of whiskey or serving elegant portions of cocktails.
  • Stemmed design prevents hand warming for optimal drink enjoyment.
  • Versatile glasses suitable for a variety of spirits and liqueurs.

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