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Article: Hosting a Wine and Dine Evening: Glassware Etiquette Tips

Glassware Tips

Hosting a Wine and Dine Evening: Glassware Etiquette Tips


Hosting a wine and dine evening is a wonderful way to create lasting memories with friends and family. To ensure your event is sophisticated and enjoyable, pay attention to the details, especially glassware etiquette. Here's a brief guide to help you shine.

The Right Glassware ✅

Choosing the appropriate glassware enhances both the presentation and taste of the wine.

  • Red Wine Glasses: Larger bowls for breathing.

    • Bordeaux Glasses: Tall and broad, ideal for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
    • Burgundy Glasses: Shorter and wider, perfect for Pinot Noir.
  • White Wine Glasses: Smaller and narrower to keep wine cool.

    • Chardonnay Glasses: Slightly larger for complex flavors.
    • Sauvignon Blanc Glasses: Tapered to preserve crispness.
  • Sparkling Wine Glasses

    • Flutes: Tall and narrow to retain carbonation.
    • Coupes: Vintage and wide, less popular but stylish.
  • Dessert Wine Glasses: Small to concentrate sweet flavors.

Table Setting 🥂

A well-set table sets the evening's tone.

  • Placement: Wine glasses go to the right of water glasses, ordered from right to left by use.
  • Cleanliness: Ensure glassware is spotless and polished.
  • Holding: Hold glasses by the stem to avoid warming the wine and leaving fingerprints.

Pouring Wine 🍷

Proper pouring enhances the experience.

  • Quantity: Fill red wine glasses one-third, white wine glasses halfway, and sparkling wine glasses three-quarters full.
  • Serving Order: Serve women first, then men, moving clockwise around the table.

    Making it even better

    • Food Pairing: Match wines with complementary foods to enhance both.
    • Decanting: Allow red wines to breathe by decanting an hour before serving.
    • Temperature: Serve reds slightly below room temperature (60-65°F), whites chilled (45-50°F), and sparkling wines even cooler (40-45°F).


    Attention to how you set your table and choose your glassware can really make your evening of wining and dining special. The type of glass you use, whether it's for whiskey, cocktails, or wine, can actually make the drink taste even better and adds a classy touch to the whole experience. With the right tools like a wine opener, cocktail shaker, and ice maker, you can take your drinks to the next level. Adding in elements like a fancy whiskey decanter or flask not only serves a purpose but also looks great. By getting these little details just right, your guests are sure to remember the evening fondly. So here's to a fantastic night filled with great wine, delicious food, and wonderful company! Cheers!

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