Stemless Double Wall Champagne Prosecco Glasses - 5.4 fl. oz

SKU: LS2101


LEMONSODA Double Wall Champagne Glasses (5.4 fl. oz / 160 mL) Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these luxurious glasses boast a double-walled design that not only enhances their elegance but also provides exceptional insulation.

Indulge in the joy of sipping champagne from these classy glasses, as their crystal-clear glass showcases the effervescence and vibrant hues of your favorite bubbly.

Whether it's an intimate celebration, a lively party, or a hot summer day, these glasses are the perfect companions for creating unforgettable moments.

With a capacity of 5.4 fl. oz (160 mL), these champagne glasses are the ideal size for toasting to life's special occasions.

Their timeless design also makes them a thoughtful gift for champagne enthusiasts or anyone with a penchant for a refined taste.

Elevate your drinking experience with our Double Wall Champagne Glasses, available for both wholesale and retail customers.

Embrace the allure of these elegant glasses and make every toast a memorable one. Experience sophistication and style with Lemonsoda.

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